Wednesday, 17 January 2018


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Current Projects


The national programme to develop Iraqi Media

1.    Supervising the establishment of a media institute in sulimania:

In the mid of 2007 ,our foundation had been contracted to supervise the establishing of a new media institute in sulimania which contain (satellite channel & media training center) .the contract related to the following subjects:

o    Preliminary and final architectural designing

o    Technical instrumental requirements

o    Channel documentation (like :channel policy…etc)

o        Selection of Cadres


2.    co-sponsoring (with the French company - Sanofi Aventis) the 2nd Scientific conference of the Biotechnology research center / Al-Nahrain University in December 2010:

Under the auspices of HE Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research  with the presence of the President of Al-Nahrain University and the sponsoring of Sanofi Aventis and HOIEF ,  the 2nd Scientific conference of Biotechnology Research Center(BRC) was held in Al-Salam Hall /Al-Nahrain University at the 5th of December 2010.


conference Agenda

•    National anthem

•    Speakers :Preparatory committee ,Manger of the BRC, President of Al-Nahrain University ,Sanofi-Aventis

•    Lecture : New Advances in Cancer Diagnosis

•    Gifts from BRC to Sanofi Aventis and HOIEF

•    Sanofi Aventis Pharmaceutical Fair

•    coffee break

•    Sessions will be started

•    Lunch


Future Projects

Establishing the (Media Expertise Training Center)

Technology Transfer project.

How to write a media research ?”training course”

Social network (facebook as a model)”training course”.

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