Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Our Objectives

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Objectives of the foundation

1.    Confirm the identity of sound scientific institutions in Iraq.

2.    Support the Iraqi institutions which operate in different areas by providing consultancy for the implementation of their current projects and future plans.

3.    facilitate the task of planning of projects by supplying  a huge amount of important data in the various sectors which can be seen in our strict and sober scientific research .

4.    Raise the level of scientific and technical cadres inside the Iraqi institutes.

5.    promote a culture of seeking counseling and the use of scientific research to solve problems and plan for the future within the Iraqi society.

6.    awareness of the importance of scientific research and the extent of its potential to boost development in a country like Iraq.



1.    Provision of Iraqi, Arab and foreign experts in the various disciplines.

2.    Specialized research done by our qualified and Scientific  researchers.

3.    Training opportunities inside and outside Iraq.

4.    The establishment of a programme for developmental courses and workshops.

5.    Seminars and conferences in  private development.

6.    Publishing a seasonal newspaper.

7.    Direct contact to media (audio-visual, digital & print media).

8.    Networking with all public interest organizations and governmental institutions, which will contribute in achieving the objectives  of our foundation.

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