Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Sponsoring "the 2nd Scientific conference of Biotechnology Research Center / Al-Nahrain University "in co-operation with Sanofi Aventis

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Under the auspices of His Excellency the Minister of higher education and scientific research, the 2nd scientific conference of BRC has been hold in collaboration with (The House of Iraqi Expertise foundation & Sanofi-Aventis) at al-Salam Hall /Al-Nahrain University in the early morning of the 12th of December 2010

There were speeches for:
1.    Prof.Adnan Al-Janabi(Head of Al-Nahrain University)
2.    Prof.khlood Al-Samarai (Director of BRC)
3.    Representative of Sanofi Aventis
4.    Dr.Ahmed Rushdi(Executive Manger of HOIEF)
Gifts were given to all individual and institutes that support the work of BRC and special ones were gven to Sanofi-Aventis and HOIEF, after that a lecture presented by Prof.Raji Al-Hadithi (Head of Iraqi Committee for Medical Specialists) concern new prospects in cancer Diagnosis
At 11 A.M a pharmaceutical fair for Sanofi-Aventis, Aflu &Acai had been opened by the head of Al-Nahrain University with the participants then a coffee break occurred
The conference sessions started at 12 P.M with the following aspects:
•    Medical Biotechnology including:
1.    Molecular biology
2.    Genetic engineering
3.    Pharmacobiotechnology
•    Plant and animal tissue culture biotechnology
•    Environmental and applied biotechnology including:
1.    Industrial biotechnology
2.    Biological control
3.    Bioinformatics
After ending the scientific sessions all the participants and audience enjoyed a delicious lunch

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